Features & Benefits

What is Simple Mobile Menu?

Simple Mobile Menu is as implied, a very streamlined and simple menu designed specifically for smartphone viewing, also referred to as "mobile friendly" or "responsive".

This responsive design means Simple Mobile Menu will adapt to your smartphone layout, screen size and font size. Simple Mobile Menu will present your menu list as one page to scroll up and down, no more pinching and zooming, no more swiping left and right, no more sections to navigate.

Why Simple Mobile Menu?

It's free! Yes, our Simple Mobile Menu basic account is free. There's no setup-fee, no hidden-fee. Our basic account is Ad supported, but it can easily upgrade to any of our Ad-free accounts.
Simple Mobile Menus are minimal designed and optimized for smartphone viewing. Just your menu items, descriptions, and prices (couple of Ads on basic account).
Because of its design, Simple Mobile Menu loads fast. Your guest just open the Camera app on their smartphone, and scan your QR code to see your Simple Mobile Menu.
Available to your guests the moment they get to your establishment, whether seating themselves, or at the entrance waiting to be accommodated, or for their party to arrive.
Most of the time, because of location or peak hours, your guests may have connectivity issues. Simple Mobile Menu requires just a few seconds of minimum internet connection to fully load.
Your guests can save your Simple Mobile Menu on their smartphone, share it on social media, and by text message.
Should your guest arrive before/after business hours, they can access your Simple Mobile Menu by scanning your QR code posted outside your establishment.
Simple Mobile Menu is digital. It's accessed on your guests smartphones, so you may not need as many prints. And because is digital, it can be updated as often and fast as you need.

How Simple Mobile Menu works?

Easy! We'll provide you with a scalable digital QR code. You can print this QR code by itself or incorporate it in a larger design (e.g. banner, window, delivery vehicle, food truck wrap, etc).

Place these QR codes anywhere your guests may want to scan it to access your Simple Mobile Menu.

Your guest just open the Camera app on their smartphone, and scan your QR code to see your Simple Mobile Menu.

Who Simple Mobile Menu is for?

Any small business in the foodservice or catering industry!

Such as:
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Caf├ęs
  • Pubs
  • Food trucks
  • Food stands